The Issues



Jena Griswold is the only candidate in this race who has overseen successful statewide elections, many with record turnout. Today, Colorado is considered the “gold-standard” for elections. Griswold is the experienced professional we need as Secretary of State to make sure Colorado elections are conducted fairly and securely.

Voting rights

As Secretary of State, Jena Griswold protects every eligible Colorado citizen’s right to vote. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Democrat, a Republican or independent – everyone in Colorado deserves an equal opportunity to vote.

Voting Safety

Extremists are attacking American democracy by threatening election workers. As Secretary of State, Jena Griswold has confronted these attacks head-on: she led the passage of laws to prohibit open carry of guns at voting locations and increased protections for election workers against threats.

Improved Voter Access

As Secretary of State, Jena Griswold has made voting more accessible for everyone. She increased the number of mail ballot drop boxes by over 65 percent, expanded in-person voting, launched a statewide system so every voter can track their ballot, and guaranteed access on every public college and tribal lands. She passed automatic voter registration, which led to more than 350 thousand eligible Coloradans registering to vote and record-breaking turnout.

Helping Coloradans Save Money

Jena Griswold is helping Coloradans save money. As Secretary of State, she cut red tape, slashed the cost of starting a new business to one dollar, modernized business services, and worked to protect small businesses from identity theft.

Increased Cybersecurity in Our Elections

Jena Griswold increased election security and protected our elections from cyber-attacks from foreign adversaries. She led the first-in-the-nation-law that makes it a felony to compromise voting equipment and increases physical security requirements for Colorado election infrastructure.

Campaign Finance

Jena Griswold has fought corruption by cracking down on secret dark money political spending, and is working to prevent elections from being bought by lobbyists and big corporations. Jena Griswold has made sure politicians and corporate special interests play by the rules so that power stays with the people.