Griswold Campaign Issues Statement on Tina Peters’ State Assembly Win

Denver, CO – Kyla Sabado, Griswold’s Campaign Manager, released the following statement in response to reports that Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters received 60.67% percent of the vote at the Colorado GOP Assembly, emerging as the front-runner for the GOP nomination:

“After the results of today’s GOP state assembly, it’s clear that Tina Peters has emerged as the Republican’s leading candidate for Colorado Secretary of State.

“Tina Peters, through her words and actions, is a clear threat to Colorado’s elections and to democracy itself. She is unfit to serve as Colorado Secretary of State.

“Tina Peters compromised Mesa County’s elections after allowing an unauthorized person to access voting machines. She cost her county $1M in replacement voting equipment, and spreads lies and conspiracy theories about Colorado’s election system. Peters is under an ethics investigation for accepting plane rides and other gifts above the state gift limit of $65, and a Mesa County grand jury has indicted her on criminal charges. She is facing a criminal proceeding where, if convicted, she may serve up to 28 years in prison. Her actions were so egregious that the state GOP chair called on Peters to suspend her campaign.

“Tina Peters is not only a threat to future elections, she has already failed as an election administrator. In 2019, Peters failed to count over 500 ballots, denying hundreds of Mesa County residents their most basic rights in a democracy. She has proven that she is not equipped to oversee the state’s elections.

“Secretary Griswold is running to continue the progress she’s made in her first term as Secretary of State. Under her watch, Colorado is the nation’s ‘gold-standard’ for election access and security. Jena worked with local elected officials to ensure the smooth administration of four statewide elections and championed legislation to increase voter turnout, crack down on dark money, and protect every eligible Colorado citizen’s right to vote.

“As Secretary of State, Jena works every day to protect your right to vote. It doesn’t matter if you’re registered Democrat, Republican or Unaffiliated – every eligible Coloradan deserves an equal opportunity to participate in our democracy.”

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